Earn Building Online Groups & Communities.
Chooya Community is an online marketplace where social media group founders and organizations earn lifetime commissions empowering their members to safely trade their products and skills online/offline.
Earn 10x from your Facebook groups
Earn 10x from your Facebook groups

4 steps to start earning from your online groups & communities.

nature_people Create

Create your Chooya Community account to get a unique link for your community marketplace and a sign-up referral link for your members to use in joining your community. Note that approval of communities might take 2 - 7 days. Get started now.

person_add Invite

It's now time to invite your existing members on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp to your Chooya Community to create their online store under your community using your unique referral link. Please note, your existing members might join other Chooya Communities if they invite them before you.

card_giftcard Reward

The big deal! As transactions happen in your marketplace, you will be rewarded 1% for every transaction that take place in your community and by your members on the Chooya Marketplace. Also, you get 10% commission for any advertisement on Chooya by your members.

timeline Grow

Grow your community by inviting new sellers/professionals to your community and increase your reward by driving traffic of buyers to your marketplace for more transactions. With your Community Dashboard, you can track and manage membership, ads and sales.

Every transaction on Chooya Marketplace is secured using SafePay.

How To Get Started

How Chooya Community Works